Invisible aligner in India

Invisible Aligners In India

What are Invisible Aligners?

Clear aligners, often referred to as invisible braces, are transparent trays crafted from special materials. They function similarly to traditional braces, employing gentle and constant force to align teeth. These trays are custom-made for each patient, utilizing digital scans for precise tailoring. DHC healhop clinics are supervised by the best doctors and provide you with the best invisible aligners you can find in india.

What are Invisible Aligners used for?

  • Clear aligners are effective for teeth misalignment, widely spaced teeth and crooked teeth
  • Ideal for adults and older teenagers; traditional metal braces are recommended for those with remaining baby teeth

Cost of Invisible Aligners in India?

Cost of invisible aligners depends on multiple factors

  • Case Complexity: The intricacy of the case.
  • Improvements Required: The number of adjustments needed.
  • Aligner Quantity: The number of aligners used
  • Type of Aligner : Our Clinics offer aligners made my different companies like (Invisalign) etc.

DHC healhop lists the bests clinics in Delhi for your dental journey, The price of Invisible aligners at DHC clinics starts from ₹50,000, but prices may depend from clinic to clinic.

* Please be aware that the final treatment cost and prices may vary based on individual cases and different clinics. 

How long will it take for Dental Invisible aligners?

  • Consultation with DHC Doctors : Our Doctors will determine number of aligners, improvement scale required for your treatment.
  • Get your Aligner Mold : On the same day as your consultation, our medical professional will get mark your teeth structure by using a dental mold, that will be used for making your invisible aligners.
  • Collect you Invisible Aligners : After a week of the consultation, you can collet your invisible aligner through the hospital and let your doctor know if any adjustments are required in the aligners.
  • Get you perfect smile : It takes a minimum of 6 months for invisible aligners to do their magic, but it depends from patient to patient.

How to get Invisible aligners?

DHC HealHop makes it easier for our customers to embark on their dental treatment Journey.

  1. Raise an Consultation : Through our platform you can book an consultation with the best dental doctors in Delhi.
  2. Meet your Doctor : After raising an enquiry, a DHC code will be shared with you, use this code while visiting the our hospitals to get a DHC HealHop Red carpet treatment and exciting offers. 
  3. Get Treatment Plan : Based on your preferred dates for the treatment, a plan will be given to you by our medical professional which will guide you through your dental treatment journey. 
  4. Online Support : If you are living outside delhi not to worry, our doctors will be touch with you if you face any difficulties though your dental treatment journey.
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